Company Profile

Business Processes was established in the beginning of 1995 by Doron Reinis (economist) and Shalom Netel (industrial engineer).

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Production engineering

Production engineering has a number of sub fields and we deal with most of them.

Business Processes and mainly its personnel have considerable experience in a range of subjects connected directly or indirectly the the production engineering professions or industrial and management engineering.

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Accompanying Entrepreneurship

The process of accompanying entrepreneurship was created for those entrepreneurs and young company managers who devote days and nights to realize their dream.

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Budgeting costing and control

 The creation of a budgeting costing and control system is first and foremost an organizational process and only afterwards a technical process of collection and presentation of data.  Business Processes Ltd. has the ability to install complex systems in a complex business environment while taking into account all the elements, including social, connected with introducing control and budget systems. 

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Strategic Planning

Business Processes offers strategy-focused services, including comprehensive strategic planning and marketing strategy planning. The company also provides diverse strategy-support services such as business plans, financial evaluations, market surveys and research, planning and implementing enterprise-wide systems

♦ Analysis of the company’s business and marketing strategy.

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