Company Profile

Business Processes was established in the beginning of 1995 by Doron Reinis (economist) and Shalom Netel (industrial engineer).

The Company’s activity focuses on several fields while supplying business counseling, combined with production engineering and industrial engineering as well as supply of outsourcing services of economists and industrial engineers for various fields of specialization.

Business Processes specializes in the integration of logistic and operational systems with finance management systems. The Company is well experienced and capable of integrating production
processes and output measurement in budget, costing & control systems.

The Company deals with the establishment of managerial systems through all levels in an organization while incorporating the employees and assimilating the management array throughout the organization. The Company has implemented numerous ISO 9000 standardization systems in an efficient and prompt manner.

An excellent, senior, well-experienced staff supports the Company’s activities in various organizations, both institutional and industrial and of various sizes.

The Business Processes Company has accumulated vast knowledge in the governmental financing field including all of its variations and has the capability to optimize governmental financing for any size of an organization.

For several years, we have been supporting high-tech factories as well as equipment- and manpower-intensive enterprises.

The Company’s power of computerization is very large and we put it at the disposal of the Company’s customers in order to give answer to complicated analysis in databases.

We have a unique specialization in computerized cash flow management as well as elegant computerized solution for small and medium organizations.

The assimilation of new computerization systems is part of the specialization of the Company and the Company employees are well updated in the most recent solutions available in the market.

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