Accompanying Entrepreneurship

The process of accompanying entrepreneurship was created for those entrepreneurs and young company managers who devote days and nights to realize their dream.

 Most entrepreneurs with a technological orientation are uncomfortable when they come into contact with the business sector.  These entrepreneurs are generally able to cope with the most complex technological tasks, but are helpless when they have to present the subject to potential investors.  Business Processes Ltd. with long experience at the spearhead of technological innovations in Israel, both by accompanying and managing different types of ventures at various levels of success, bridges the existing gaps between the technological entrepreneur who is driven by his belief in the product and the investor (of any type) who is interested in a conservative approach and meticulous examination.

The object of accompaniment is to prevent the traumatic experience when the two meet.

Business Plan

A business plan is the essential basis of integrating and combining the planning of all the business’s elements connected with its function. The business plan examines the mutual relationships between different sections of operations and examines their contribution and ability to combine in order for the business to succeed in the end

Raising Capital

The process of raising capital for a company is a complex and critical process comprising a series of factors, each of which is likely to make the difference between success and failure.   The correct process is a process which is planned correctly and managed correctly, which requires tremendous management overhead, overhead which requires an impossible compromise in the daily life of a company.  Here Business Processes Ltd. comes into the picture whose specialization is total support of companies and its considerable experience in preparing the stages for raising capital, will reduce the management overhead required to the essential minimum and at the same time increase the chances of the company achieving its object.