Strategic Planning

Business Processes offers strategy-focused services, including comprehensive strategic planning and marketing strategy planning. The company also provides diverse strategy-support services such as business plans, financial evaluations, market surveys and research, planning and implementing enterprise-wide systems

♦ Analysis of the company’s business and marketing strategy.

♦ Analysis of future trends and needs of the target market.

♦ Formulating and defining policy.

♦ Preparing operative programs.

♦ Locating strategic partners.

♦ Initiating cooperation in various fields.

♦ Examining competitors and those active in the market.

♦ Defining the company’s added value.

♦ Developing new products and services.

♦ Separating between core business and secondary business.

♦ Defining the need for an external source in the organization’s operations.

♦ Defining organizational changes required to make the strategy succeed.